10 Amazing Simple Balcony Design To Beautify Your Home

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The need for space to be able to interact with the ‘outside world’ while maintaining privacy is the reason why balconies are needed in buildings. As part of the courtyard on the top floor of the building, the function of the balcony is actually the same as the terrace on the ground floor. In terms of the appearance obtained, even the balcony was able to provide a broad view of its higher position, such as the captain of a ship in the bow of the ship looking at the open sea. In terms of construction, indeed the balcony area cannot be as wide as the terrace which is only limited to the fence of the house. Balcony sections that can be free without structure or float are only 1/3 of the total beam range.

Outstanding Transitional Balcony Designs Perfect For Any
Outstanding Transitional Balcony Designs Perfect For Any – Source: architectureartdesigns.com

In terms of aesthetics, a balcony located on the front of the house will have a significant effect on the overall appearance of the exterior of the building. Then, what functions and activities can the balcony accommodate? What about the cool balcony design for your luxury home? Here are we present a balcony design for you to imitate in your home.

1. A Balcony Equipped With A Garden And A Seating Area

The collaboration of natural materials such as wood and natural stone makes this balcony have a natural impression complete with a sitting area to relax.

Awesome Balcony Design Ideas
Awesome Balcony Design Ideas – Source: pergolagazebos.com
Balcony Design Ideas
Balcony Design Ideas – Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com
Composite wood or decking
Composite wood or decking – Source: designmag.fr
Small Balcony Design Ideas
Small Balcony Design Ideas – Source: pranaycoffee.com

2. Balcony With Beautiful And Cool Lighting

Reinforce the appearance of the balcony by displaying beautiful and cool lighting. Use of light Bright colors makes the balcony look beautiful and firm.

Beautiful flat with balcony
Beautiful flat with balcony – Source: s-ec.bstatic.com
interior style design terrace balcony
interior style design terrace balcony – Source: w-dog.net
Outstanding Contemporary Balcony Designs Your Home Defini
Outstanding Contemporary Balcony Designs Your Home Define – Source: architectureartdesigns.com

3. Minimalist Balcony With Glass Railing

Balcony railings are designed only with glass and aluminum fences to give the impression of being light and ‘invisible’, and balancing the mass box of the building next to it.

Balcony Guard Aluminum Design
Balcony Guard Aluminum Design – Source: drivesandhikes.co
Glass Balconies Ideas
Glass Balconies Ideas – Source: balconette.co.uk
Glass balcony railing
Glass balcony railing – Source: tbpfacade.com

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