12 Stunning Window Design Ideas for Your Minimalist Home

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A window on a building is an obligation. Without windows, the room inside the building will darken and air circulation becomes less smooth. In addition, window design can also add to the aesthetic value of a building from inside or outside.

Living Room with Window
Living Room with Window – Source: loopknowledge.com

The choice of home window design must also be adjusted to the size of the building and the concept of the house. So that your minimalist house looks prettier. This time we have provided window design ideas for your minimalist home.

1. Window Design with Lis Accents

There are some people who prefer windows to be left alone without using curtains. If you are one of them, then the design of the window with this accent is worth a try. Attach the trim to the glass to form a regular frame.

Home Window With Lis Accent
Home Window With Lis Accent – Source: thetintspecialist.com
Living Room Window Design Ideas
Living Room Window Design Ideas – Source: abiborj.com
Window in Living Room
Window in Living Room – Source: richmondwindow.com

2. Wide and Lengthen Window Design

The window that extends to meet one wall makes this room look very wide and bright.

Modern Minimalist House Window
Modern Minimalist House Window – Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com
Window View of Luxury
Window View of Luxury – Source: ecohouse-eg.com
Windows Designs Ideas
Windows Designs Ideas – Source: alumatek.lk

3. Design of the White Framed Bedroom Window

Many models can be chosen to model the bedroom window frame. Adjusting the window frame with the most dominating colors in the room further gives the room a neat and clean impression.

Awesome Bedroom Windows
Awesome Bedroom Windows – Source: farm8.static.flickr.com
Bedroom Window Design Ideas
Bedroom Window Design Ideas – Source: syonpress.com
White Framed Bedroom Window
White Framed Bedroom Window – Source: brickyardeducationalfarm.org

4. Minimalist Framed Thick Window Design

The next minimalist window design further emphasizes the shape of the window by using a thick frame. Minimalist homes are identical with monochrome colors, so you can combine black window frames for white walls.

Minimalist Window Home Design
Minimalist Window Home Design – Source: congtynamtien.vn
Modern Home Design
Modern Home Design – Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com
Window Design Ideas
Window Design Ideas – Source: i.pinimg.com

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