Outdoor Kitchen Idea

15 Marvelous Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try

Talking about kitchen design, of course, it will never end, especially about outdoor kitchen design. Outdoor kitchens are believed to have their own comfort when compared to kitchens in the house in general. An outdoor kitchen can be an alternative solution for those of you who have an event or just get together with the family in the backyard of the patio while rejoicing to enjoy the fresh nature.

Generally, this open kitchen design is applied in many countries. But, it doesn’t hurt if you apply this open kitchen design to your dream home. This open kitchen design will give your kitchen a unique and airy impression. This open kitchen design you can combine with other rooms. For example, combining the concept of minimalist kitchen design with a family dining room, or an open corridor behind the house. Continue reading “15 Marvelous Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try”

Amazing Monochrome Kitchen Floors

12 Amazing Kitchen Ideas with Monochrome Themes for Your Inspiration

Monochrome color selection is indeed becoming a trend that is loved by society today. Included in the selection of property in the house. Where every corner of the room will be considered more elegant and modern when applying a similar color selection. One of them is by applying the monochrome color concept to minimalist kitchen design.

Monochrome Kitchen Decor Ideas
Monochrome Kitchen Decor Ideas – Source: cgarchitect.com

The definition of the word monochrome itself is basically what describes a color selection. In Indonesian mono means one and chrome or chrome means color. So if interpreted in full monochrome is the selection of colors from gradations that are similar or in other words is the selection of colors that are one or almost the same. Now, one of the choices of monochrome colors that are currently taken or characterized as distinctive colors from the choice of monochrome colors is black and white. These two color choices become the symbol or characteristic of this one color selection. Continue reading “12 Amazing Kitchen Ideas with Monochrome Themes for Your Inspiration”

Scandinavian Kitchen Chocolate Table

15 Kitchen Ideas With Beautiful Scandinavian Style For Perfection While Cooking

By highlighting natural light, clean lines and painted wood, the Scandinavian kitchen is the perfect display of a contemporary kitchen. The simplicity and friendliness of Scandinavian kitchens are the backdrops for modern home life. If you feel that the kitchen with the latest kitchen equipment looks too rigid and functional, the Scandinavian style is a balanced choice that exploits tradition and modernity.

Light Scandinavian apartment
Light Scandinavian apartment – Source: 66.media.tumblr.com

A blend of simplicity, beauty, and functionality is the main focus of the Scandinavian design. But functionality is a top priority. The harsh climate of Northern Europe where the Nordic countries are located, especially in the winter, has triggered the Scandinavian community to prioritize usability over decoration and simplicity will naturally follow. Continue reading “15 Kitchen Ideas With Beautiful Scandinavian Style For Perfection While Cooking”

DIY Succulent Garden From Teacups

12 Beautiful DIY Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home Kitchen

Exploring interior decorations that are often in magazines, fan pages, or websites, will definitely make you want to decorate your home. But what power, limited decoration capabilities make you confused about where to start. In addition, not all decorative products can be purchased at low prices.

DIY Kitchen Jar Decoration Ideas
DIY Kitchen Jar Decoration Ideas – Source: demo.socialenginesolutions.com

So why not just be creative? We have many DIY decoration ideas that you can try on your own. Only perseverance is needed to make it because all the ingredients needed are already in the kitchen. Here are some kitchen decorating ideas using kitchen utensils. Continue reading “12 Beautiful DIY Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home Kitchen”