Small Backyard Ideas With Pool

15 Wonderful Minimalist Swimming Pool Landscaping For Empty Backyards

Health is very important for every human being because if our body is healthy it will be able to carry out various kinds of daily activities smoothly. You can maintain a healthy body by exercising regularly, one of the favorite sports for most people is swimming because this type of exercise in addition to being able to nourish the body will also be able to form muscles, shrink the stomach, elevate the body, and several other benefits.

Backyard Swimming Pool ideas
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Having a private pool is an exciting thing. We can swim to our heart’s content without being disturbed by others. In general, swimming can be done in public swimming pools, but for those of you who don’t like to swim in public places because you have to jostle with other people then you can make your own swimming pool at home. The swimming pool is one of the facilities that are usually in luxury homes because of course, you have to pay extra for the manufacture and maintenance. If in a public swimming pool, of course, we will swim with lots of people and not be free in trying to swim. Not only that, for those of us who have not been able to swim, there is no need to be ashamed to study in a private swimming pool. One more advantage of private pools is that we don’t have to go all the way to public swimming pools and have to pay for swimming pool services. Continue reading “15 Wonderful Minimalist Swimming Pool Landscaping For Empty Backyards”

Stunning Rock Garden Ideas for Backyard and Front Yard

15 Landscape Garden Design Ideas To Make Your Home Look Beautiful

Not all houses have a garden. Maybe for reasons of limited land, you decide to expand the interior rather than the exterior. This generally happens in big cities, where land prices are very expensive, so they prefer to eliminate green land and expand the interior.

Backyard Landscaping
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In fact, the park has a function that is very important for the balance of the environment around the house. First, the garden makes the air cooler. This happens because plants that are planted in the garden will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Second, the garden makes the house shadier, especially if there are large trees there. Third, the park provides excellent aesthetic value on the exterior of the house. Continue reading “15 Landscape Garden Design Ideas To Make Your Home Look Beautiful”