Best Front Porch Design Ideas

20 Most Popular Summer Front Porch Decoration Ideas Trend 2020

Summer front porch decoration are important for you to pay attention to because the outside appearance of your home reflects the contents of your house inside. Not infrequently, many homeowners deliberately decorate the front porch models specifically and spend a lot of time arranging the most ideal model of the porch. Well, let’s take a peek at their cool inspiration so you don’t miss it either!

The front of this residence is a place that influences the first impression of a guest towards our home. A comfortable terrace model of the house will certainly make guests and homeowners also feel comfortable. Minimalist house terrace can be a mainstay of the current model because it gives the impression of a modern but still simple. Continue reading “20 Most Popular Summer Front Porch Decoration Ideas Trend 2020”

Awesome Coastal Living Room Ideas

15+ Gorgeous Coastal Living Room Ideas for Cozy Summer

The atmosphere of the coastal living room, also known as nautical, reminds us of seaside views that can always inspire. Coastal life is usually synonymous with comfort and relaxation. The interior in this style wants to reflect that atmosphere. The interior of the room is designed with a simple and relaxed, equipped with materials and furniture that is not excessive.

Bright blue color combined with white, stripe, rattan, and canvas fabrics can bring an atmosphere of the beach into your home. The house can look different and look fresher in the presence of bright elements. Beach accents such as shells, corals, and other marine animals can be an option for house decoration with the right placement. Continue reading “15+ Gorgeous Coastal Living Room Ideas for Cozy Summer”